Ph.D. Geography and Territorial Ordinance


(Approved by the PNPC-CONACYT)

The Ph.D. in Geography and Territorial Ordinance is coordinated by the Centro de Estudios Estratégicos para el Desarrollo (Center for Strategic Studies for Development) (CEED), belonging to the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (University Center for Social Sciences, and Humanities) (CUCSH), the Centro Universitario de la Costa (University Center of the Coast) (CUC), and the Centro Universitario de los Vales (University Center of the Valleys) (CUValles), of the Universidad de Guadalajara. Since November 2013, it has been part of the Padrón Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad (National Register of Quality Graduate Programs) (PNPC) of the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología(National Council of Science, and Technology) (CONACYT).

The postgraduate program is aimed at teachers graduated from fields of knowledge in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences, Economic and Administrative Sciences, and other related fields. Therefore, candidates must be interested in the study of territorial phenomena, and their management. Recently this postgraduate program has been registered in the Programas Nacionales Estratégicos (National Strategic Programs) (PRONACES) of CONACYT in the modality: Priority topics for the study of policies and instruments of urban development and territorial planning for fair access to habitat, in order to build a New Urban Agenda in the country.  

The academic program of the Doctorate in Geography and Territorial Ordinance is a program focused on research, school-based modality, tutorial, and full-time dedication, the duration is 4 years equivalent to 8 semesters, covering 166 total credits to obtain the degree.